Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Extended Maintenance Clause

Following the issue of a Certificate of Completion of permanent works of any part thereof insured under this Policy the insurers will indemnify the insured subject to the terms exceptions and conditions of this Section during the testing/maintenance period in the Schedule for loss of or damage to such works:
i. Arising or resulting from a cause occurring prior to the issue of a Certificate of
Completion, or
ii. Caused by the Contractors in the course of any operations carried out by them for the
purpose of complying with their obligations under Contract(s)

In the event that permanent works, plants or plant(s) thereof be out into commercial operation by the Employer before the issue to the Contractor(s) of a Certificate(s) of Completion or taking over in respect therefull cover shall be maintained thereon until the issue of the said Certificate(s) provided that the Insured shall as soon as possible give notice thereof to the Insurers in order that there may be assessed and agreed any additional premium reasonably required by Insurers in compensation for any increased hazard arising out of such use and operation.

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