Friday, February 27, 2009

Civil Authorities Clause

The insurance is extended to cover direct loss or damage to the described property caused by acts of destruction executed by order of any Public Authority at the time of and only during a conflagration to retard the spread thereof, and subject to all other terms and conditions of this Policy. This Insurer shall not be liable, however, for more than the amount for which it would have been liable had the loss been caused by the peril insured against under this Policy.

Casual Contractor Clause

It is hereby declared and agreed that the Insurance under this policy is extended to cover the Insured’s Legal liability for injures, illness, loss or damaged caused by any of the Insured’s contractors and sub-contractors and happening in connection with the carrying out of work by them for the insured.

It is further declared and agreed that in respect of such injuries, illness, loss or damage caused as aforementioned for which the said contractors and sub-contractors are responsible, the Company will at the request of the Insured treat these contractors as though they were also the Insured under this Policy provided that the contractors and sub-contractors shall observe, fulfill and be subject to the terms, limits, exceptions, provisions and conditions of this Policy insofar as they applied.

Car Parking Liability

It is hereby declared and agreed that the Insurance by this Policy is extended to cover the Legal Liability of the Insured in respect of loss or damage to vehicle insured under the control of the Insured or the Insured’s parking attendants whilst in the car park of the Insured.

Provided always that :

1. The Insurer shall not be liable for any such loss or damage insofar as such loss or damage is covered by any other insurance.
2. The liability of the Insurer under this endorsement in respect of any such loss or damage and under the Policy in respect of any bodily injury or damage to property shall not in any case exceed the limit of liability specified in the Policy.

Capital Addition Clause

The insurance hereby extends to cover alterations, additions and improvements (but not appreciation in value) in excess of the sums insured to property specified in the Policy for an amount not exceeding 10 % of the sums insured thereby or an amount specified in the policy whichever is the less, it being understood that the Insured undertakes to advise the Insurer each quarter of such alterations, additions and improvements and to pay the appropriate additional premium thereon.

Burst Of Pipe Endorsement

Notwithstanding of anything in the policy, this insurance shall extend to include loss or damages to the property insured caused by bursting or overflowing of watertanks apparatus or pipes.

Broad, Pair and Set Clause

“It is hereby noted and agreed that, in case of loss destruction or damage to part of a pair or set, the insurer will pay the full amount of the pair or set provided the insured agree to surrender the remaining article or articles of the pair or set to the insurer”.

Breach of Warranty

This Insurance shall not be affected and/or invalidated by any act or neglect, mis-description and/or misrepresentation, breach in condition and/or warranty nor by change in the tittle or ownership of the property, provided the owner shall notify the insurer the happening of such act as soon as it comes to his knowledge and shall on reasonable demand pay the additional charges for any increase or hazard created.

Brand and Label Clause

If branded or labeled merchandise covered by this Policy is damage, and the Insurer elects to take all or any of such merchandise at the agreed or appraised Value, the Insured may, at his own expense, stamp “salvage” on the merchandise or its container or may remove the brands or label, if such stamp or removal of brand or label will not physically damage the merchandise but the Insured shall at its own cost re-label the merchandise or containers in compliance with all of the requirements the applicable law.

Boiler Explosion Clause

“It is hereby expressly understood and agreed that this policy also covers loss or damage to the whole or any part of the property insured (including the boiler) caused by boiler explosion”.

Beneficiary Clause

It is hereby declared and agreed that in the event of the death of the Insured person by accident all compensation due under the within policy shall be payable to :
whose receipt shall be a full and final discharge to the company is of such compensation

Bankers' Clause 2

It Is hereby noted and agreed that the property Insured under this Policy has been pledged with PT. Bank ……………. and until such time as the said Bank shall have notified the Insurer, in the contrary, the Insurer shall advise the said Bank :

I. If the Insured proposed to cancel or give notice of cancellation of any such insurance, at least 30
(thirty) days before such cancellation is to take effects ;

II.Of :
a.Any material alteration, and/or
b.Termination or Expiry
Of any such insurance at least 30 (thirty) days before such alteration, termination or expiry take place

III.Promptly of any default in the payment of any premium or failure to renew any such insurance ;

IV.Of any act or omission or of any event of which the Insurer has knowledge and which they consider
might invalidate or render unenforceable in whole or in part any such insurance ;

V.Of any claim under the policy exceeding USD. 10,000.00

It shall be further noted that in the event of loss, if any, payable under this policy, any payment up to the amount to which the said Bank is entitled for principal, interest accrued and costs shall be made to the said Bank without prejudice to the rights of the Insured for the difference and the said Bank shall act in its capacity as a joint-insured subject to the terms conditions and restriction contained in the Policy.

Banker's Clause 1

It is noted and agreed that the property Insured by this Policy has been mortgaged with Bank …………………… and that in consequence thereof, It has been agreed with the said mortgagee and the Insurer, that in case of loss, if any, payable under this Policy any payment up to the amount to which the said mortgagee is entitled for principal, interest accrued and costs shall be made to the said mortgagee without prejudice to the rights the Insured may have on the difference.

This Clause to be null and void on receipt of advice from the said mortgagee that they are no longer interested in the property insured under this Policy.

Average Relief Clause (85%)

If at the time of loss or damage the sum insured is less than eighty five (85) per cent of the cost which would have been incurred in reinstatement if the property had been destroyed by any peril hereby insured against, then the insured shall be considered as being his own insurer for the difference between the sum insured and the sum representing the cost of reinstatement of the whole of the property and shall bear a rateable proportion of the loss accordingly.
The insured shall not be considered as being under insured if the sum insured is eighty five (85) per cent or more of the reinstatement cost.

Automatic Reinstatement of Sum Insured Clause

In consideration of the Insured undertaking to pay any premium at the agreed rate on the amount of loss on pro-rata basis from the date of such loss to expire of the current period of insurance, it is agreed that in the event of loss the Insurance hereunder shall automatically remain in force for the full sum insured.

Automatic Reinstatement of Loss Clause

In consideration of the Insured undertaking to pay an additional premium at the agreed rate on the amount of loss calculated on a pro-rata basis from the date of such loss to the expiry of the current period of insurance, it is agreed that in the event of loss the insurance hereunder shall automatically maintain in force for the full sum insured stated in the schedule.

Automatic Reinstatement Clause

It is agreed that in the event of indemnifiable loss or damage the insured shall have the right upon request to reinstate the sum insured in which event the insured shall Automatically pay additional premium at an agreed rate on the amount of the loss from the date of such loss or damage to the expiry of the period of insurance.

Automatic Increase

If during the period of Insurance the actual value of each item shall be in excess of the sum insured, this policy shall automatically be increased by the amount of such excess but not exceeding 10% of the Sum Insured shown in the schedule and the Insured shall pay to Insurers an additional premium payment in respect of such increase.

Automatic Addition and Deletion Clause

It is hereby declared and agreed that additions and deletions to the schedule will be automatically held covered without prior notice subject to the Insured’s submitting such additions and deletions within one week of the following month.

Assault & Murder Clause

Notwithstanding of anything in policy to the contrary this policy should extend to cover accidental death and/or disablement and/or any injuries caused by assault and/or murder.

Architects, Surveyors, and Consulting Engineers Expenses Clause

It is hereby noted and agreed as follows :

1.The Insurance of each item on the Building or Contents includes an amount in respect of Architects’ Surveyor’s Legal and Consulting Engineers Fees not exceeding those provided under the scales of the various institutions and/or bodies regulating such fees prevailing at the time of the destruction or damage and not exceeding 5 % of the individual sums insured.

2.The Insurance on Fees applies only to those necessarily and reasonably incurred in the reinstatement or repair of Property Insured consequent upon its destruction or damage but not for preparing any claim, it being understood that the amount payable under the item shall not exceed in total its sum insured.

Appraisement Value Clause

If the aggregate claim for anyone loss does not exceed 5 (five) per cent of the sum insured by the item or items affected (whichever may be the less) no special inventory or appraisement of the undamaged property shall be required.
If two or more buildings be included in a single item, this provision shall apply to the range of buildings insured by this item.
For the purpose of this clause, the term “item” shall be held to the total sum insured on buildings and/or contents by the items affected.

Alternative Trading Clause

If during the indemnity period goods shall be sold or services be rendered elsewhere than at the premises for the benefit of the business either by the Insured or by others on the Insured’s behalf the money paid or payable in respect of such sales or services shall be brought into account in arriving at the Gross Revenue during the indemnity period.

Alterations Clause

Notwithstanding anything contained in the printed conditions of the Policy to the contrary, it is noted and agreed that this Insurance shall not be prejudiced in the event of any alterations being made to the property insured whereby the risk of damage is increased, provided that notice of such alteration be given to the Insurer within sixty (60) days of the commencement of such alterations and additional premium paid, if required from the date of such alteration.

Advertising Signs Clause

It is hereby declared and agreed that the compensation for medical expenses shall extend to include the costs of air transportation of any of the lives insured for medical treatment provided that such transportation is certified by a fully qualified medical practitioner as being necessary and provided that the limit of compensation for medical expenses is not exceeded as a result thereof.

Accumulated Stock Clause

In adjusting any loss account shall be taken and an equitable allowance made if any reduction in Turnover due to the incident is postponed by reason of the Turnover being temporarily maintained from accumulated stocks of finished goods.

Accidental Failure of Public Supply

Any loss as insured by this policy resulting from interruption of or interference with the Business in consequence of loss destruction or damage at the undernoted situations or to property as undernoted shall be deemed to be an incident.

The Contingencies
The accidental failure of
The public supply of electricity
The public supply of water

The public supply of telecommunications services resulting from

i. Failure of satellites
ii. Failure from any other cause

but excluding any failure

i.which does not involve a cessation of supply for at least … consecutive minutes
ii.due to an Excluded cause

50/50 Clause

Where separate Marine insurance has been effected by the Insured it is agreed that in the event of loss of or damage to the Property Insured due to a perils insured against being discovered after the risk has terminated under the Marine Insurance and, if after proper investigation it is not possible to ascertain whether the cause of such loss or damage happened prior to the termination of the marine venture or subsequently. It is understood and agreed that the Insurers hereon shall contribute 50% or the properly adjusted claim provided the Marine Insurers also agreed to contribute 50% of the claim, such contribution to be without prejudice to subsequent final apportionment of the claim as may.