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• Risk Management & Loss Prevention
• conduct a Risk Survey
• prepare you a Risk Survey Report
   à elaborate your risk circumstances
   à provide some recommendations
• to minimize loss and to get a better conditions of Insurance Policy
• Insurance Cover Arrangement
arrange the best Insurance Cover based on your Risk Profile :
  à wide of cover protection
  à in a very competitive cost.
• Insurance Matter Consultations
• elaborate the conditions offered.
• a friendly discussion as if, we are part of  your company
   to protect your asset and protect your business continuity plan.

• Insurance Cover Placement
   Place the risk to the First Class Insurance Companies, who have
   Good reputations :
   à Broaden cover of Insurance Treaty,
   à Capital Security back-up,
   à Excellent Financial Conditions,
   à World-wide Insurance Rating,
   à Kindness Assistance in Claims Handling and Settlement,
• Insurance Policy Assesment/Evaluation
   à check the policy(ies) accurately and
   à request for an endorsement conditions need to be revised.
• Insurance Market Updates
  keep you well informed for the Insurance Matters updates,
  including the best solution should the updates will effect your assets.
• Handling the endorsement for alterations,
  à just send your inquiry thru fax or email,
  à we will arrange the endorsement policy to the Insurance Company.


• Transfer of the Insurance knowledge
• a short package of Discussion Session,
• to studying further your Policy (ies).
   useful to get to know more about what you have paid,
   and what the exclusions applied, including how to claims,
   what kind of claims documents needed to prepare.
• Renewal Notification
   we will send you a renewal notification.
• Claims Handling
• starting from forwarding the claim notification to the insurers,
• take our parts in determining the adjuster
• accompany you during the claims survey,
• give you guidance for the claim process
• Claims Supporting Documents Assessment,
   check your documents first before sending it to the insurers/adjusters.
• Claims Settlement Negotiation
   negotiation on Claim Settlement figured by the insurer
   to meet a fair claim settlement.

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