Give us Your Hand !

It's just as simply you tell us about your needs, elaborate the risks you are worried to face on your Assets, Business, Property, your valuable things and/or people you need to protect for the sake of your continuation well-being life.

Just following this Steps :

  1.  Contact us, 
    • thru the Phone, Mails or by submitting your inquiry thru the Contact Form, we will immediately response on your inquiry.
    • At the time you receive our response, telling us about everything you need for Insurance, just feel free just to consult, or get the quotes, or even request for a visit.
  2. Submit your information
    • When you feel comfort to discuss with us, and you feel "click" to our explanation and elaboration, you submit the Information needed to compose a "Draft" of Insurance Contract Design
    • We design your proposed coverage ONLY based on your necessities and Needs, so you do not have to worry about the Premium Budget, as it will be set based on your estimated budget figure with the most possible wider coverage.
  3.  Discussion and Coordination run to accurate the best Terms and Conditions
    • We are here get back to and fro, to you and the Insurance, to negotiate the Insurance Terms and Condition with a reasonable premium.
  4. Placement
    • Once you are sure about the proposal, you can request us to arrange the activation of the cover, based on the terms and conditions as already agreed.
    • We handle all your administrations portion, and place in the good order
  5. Insurance Training
    • When The Insurance policy has been received by you, we grant you an Insurance Training for you and your teamwork.
    • In this stage, we will transfer all the Insurance know-how especially in terms of your policy, we elaborate the Loss Prevention you are able to implement, the Risks Management to figure, and All about The Insurance Claims
  6. On going Coverage
    • We make you well updated about the Insurance matters related to your risks Profile
    • Grant you the most available time to call us a visit for a discussion
    • Grant you the best advices and recommendations in the RIGHT way to comply with the contract
  7. At the time Claims Happen
    • Contact Us Immediately at +62-21-55755306, +62-817.487.0850
    • We will promptly escorting you on all process, and assist you to speed up the claim supporting documents to comply with the Claims evidence to fasten the claim process
    • We will assist you to claim negotiation to get fair and reasonable claim settlement
    • We will assist you to follow up Claims Payment directly to your Bank Account
  8. Other Benefits ?
    • You are safe and sound with us, We bet!

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